The StemImmune executive team is known for their achievements in scientific innovation, clinical development, biopharmaceutical research, and business.
Working side by side, StemImmune has combined a team of world renowned scientists, clinical specialists, industry leaders, and proven CEO’s to bring this promising new approach to stem cell based cancer immunotherapy to market. The executive team is also actively working with academic research institutions and high level cancer research centers globally to bring state of the art therapeutics to cancer patients who need it most.

Aladar Szalay, PhD, StemImmune

Allan Camaisa, StemImmune

Boris Minev, MD, StemImmune

Aladar Szalay, PhD

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Professor, UCSD Moores Cancer Center and University of Würzburg, Germany. Founder and CEO, Genelux Corporation. Read More

Allan Camaisa

President Business Affairs and Vice Chairman

Parallel 6, Anakam, HTS. Ernst and Young
Entrepreneur of the Year. Read More

Boris Minev, MD

President, Medical and Scientific Affairs

Director & Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy, UCSD Moores Cancer Center Read More

Stephen Thesing, StemImmune

Elliot B. Lander, MD, FACS, StemImmune

Mark Berman, MD, FACS, StemImmune

Stephen Thesing

Vice President, Corporate Development and Operations

Formerly VP and General Manager for Civica Software, and VP Channels for Anakam. Read More

Elliot B. Lander, MD, FACS

Director Stem Cell Implantation

Co-Founder and Co-Medical Director of California Stem Cell Treatment Center, Co-Founder and Co-Medical Director of Cell Surgical Network, Co-Founder of Cells On Ice Inc. Read More

Mark Berman, MD, FACS

Director Stem Cell Implantation

Co-Medical Director of California Stem Cell
Treatment Center. Diplomate with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (Head and
Neck Surgery). Read More

John Feller, MD, StemImmune

Bob Giargiari, StemImmune

Ulrike Szalay, StemImmune

John Feller, MD

Director Medical Imaging

Medical Director and Founding Partner of Desert Medical Imaging. Leader in FDA Clinical Trials and Partner in Advanced China Healthcare. Read More

Bob Giargiari, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Formerly CFO, chief administrative officer, and chief operating officer for WorkWell Prevention & Care, and EVP Finance & CFO HUYA for Bioscience International.

Ulrike Szalay

VP, Business Development, and Communications

Formerly Vice President, Business Strategy and Communications, Genelux Corporation.