For patients battling cancer, facing the disease is often as daunting as dealing with the difficult side effects of today’s available treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and others). At StemImmune, our mission is to change this reality – to develop a new class of stem cell-based immunotherapies targeting cancers for which there is little hope today, increasing survival and improving patients’ quality of life. StemImmune’s proprietary immunotherapy platform and delivery methodology leverages autologous (patient’s own) adult stem cells armed with potent, anti-cancer payloads to deliver a powerful attack on cancer.

Our immunotherapies are delivered through a minimally invasive outpatient process, allowing patients to undergo treatment for their cancer with the least amount of impact on their daily lives, and with a goal of minimizing toxicity and debilitating side effects. Founded in 2014, StemImmune is leading this emerging field in immuno-oncology. The company has the unique opportunity to be first-to-market with a broadly diverse technology platform that can transform the way cancer is treated. The Company is currently working with FDA on the IND application for a Phase I/II clinical trial of its leading product candidate.